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Valsugana and Lagorai offer many routes to discover our mountains, lakes and picturesque landscapes. You will find some routes hereunder, to discover some fascinating areas of Trentino.

Valsugana and Lagorai offer many routes to discover our mountains, lakes and picturesque landscapes.
You will find some routes hereunder, to discover some fascinating areas of Trentino.

The 10 gold rules

  • Prepare your itinerary;
  • Choose an itinerary that suits your physical abilities;
  • Choose suitable equipment and repair kit;
  • Check weather forecast;
  • Setting out by yourself is more risky; if this is the case take a mobile phone;
  • Leave information about your itinerary and your expected return time;
  • Do not hesitate in placing your trust in a professional;
  • Pay attention to signposts and directions that you find along your way;
  • Do not hesitate in going back;
  • In case of emergency call 118.

For guided tours, please look up the information in the sections “Organized activities” or “Events”. Should you prefer a tailor made tour, please contact the Alpine guides of the area.
PSS - The Ogre's Bridge difficulty: medium estimated duration: 1:28 h The Ogre's Bridge is one of the most important natural "bridges" that can be found in the north of Italy. It is made up of two giant rock...   Details Trekking - Alta Via del Porfido difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 20:15 h A wonderful trekking in a ring shape, with starting point at Palù dei Mocheni/Palai en Bersntol, which takes to the various peaks of this mountainous...   Details Trekking - Belvedere del Monte Lefre difficulty: easy estimated duration: 0:25 h The short and easy walking track leads you from refuge Monte Lefre to a spectacular viewpoint on Valsugana valley...   Details Trekking - Castelloni di San Marco difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:30 h This trail crosses at the summit a labyrinth of stone, finely shaped by glaciers and atmospheric agent. The path of Castelloni San Marco...     Details Trekking - Lagorai Panorama difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 16,30 hours in 3 days The tour is designed along the then Austrian-Hungarian defence war line and the opposing Italian war line, during the First World War....   Details Trekking – Malga Cagnon (Accessible also by stroller) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 1:40 h We are nearby the WWF Oasis of Valtrigona, a small valley rich in flora and fauna which unfortunately is not accessible...   Details Trekking - Malghe and Zirmi path difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:05 h This path was used in the 1930s by mountain farmers of the Campelle valley: it connects the pastures of the new Malga Casarina Agritur with...   Details Trekking - Monte Ortigara e Cima Caldiera difficulty: medium estimated duration: 4:25 h Without any doubt, this path is the most complete and meaningful itinerary to visit the battleheld of Ortigara stage...   Details Trekking - Pizzo di Levico Fort difficulty: medium estimated duration: 1:43 h From the Vezzena highlands it is possible to go to the Pizzo di Levico Fort which was used during the First World War as a bombing post and...   Details Trekking - Route Don Cesare Refatti difficulty: medium estimated duration: 4:35 h You walk from Località della Croce (440m) up along the river Moggio. The pathshows an unspoilt nature with many rocks and water...   Details Trekking - Route Eremo San Lorenzo difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:15 h The church of San Lorenzo is situated 1185 meters above sea level on Monte Armentera, was built during the Middle Ages and was...   Details Trekking - Salesà Way difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:30 h This itinerary stretches up the slopes of Monte Orno and along the ancient paths that connected Zivignago, a hamlet of Pergine Valsugana, and...   Details Trekking - Sentiero dei Nomadi difficulty: medium estimated duration: 5:00 h From rifugio Carlettini it goes uphill along the well-known path Nomadi in memory of Dante Pergreffi and Augusto Daolio...   Details Trekking - Sentiero della Memoria difficulty: medium estimated duration: 4:45 h Starting at bridge Ponte Conseria you reach the homonym refuge nearby the monument tothe fallen soldiers founded from the local alpine...   Details Trekking - Sentiero della Pertica "Pertega" difficulty: medium estimated duration: 4:30 h From the hamlet of Selva, close to the rest area, starts the path that slopes up the Marcesina Plateau following mule tracks and...   Details Trekking - The Alta Via del Granito Hiking Trail difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 16 hours in 3 days The Granite highway is a splendid ring in the unique granite area of the Cima d’Asta mountain group – Cimon Rava, in the Lagorai mountain chain...   Details Trekking - The Flower way difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:05 h The Flower way is a path of remarkable botanicscenic importance, but also geological and historic that winds from the Brocon Pass...   Details Trekking - The king Fravort path difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:05 h It is mountain path along which you can enjoy the splendid views and it leads from Panarotta to the top of Monte Fravort. The mountain...   Details Trekking - The Nature Trail of Valtrigona WWF Oasis difficulty: easy estimated duration: 1:35 h Valtrigona nature reserve is the only area in the whole of the alpine zone under WWF protection.The Valtrigona Oasis with its Nature Path...   Details
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