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Would you like to lose yourself for a moment in the wilderness where nature is still the real protagonist?

…maybe exercise naturally at your level in the outdoor gym that is the mountains of the Lagorai?

…or wander back in time to an age of handcrafted mountain products and learn the secrets of their production?

if so…a holiday in Valsugana & Lagorai may be the perfect choice!

The sense of well-being that goes with immersion in a sustainable lifestyle in a natural setting offers a feeling of fresh air spiritually and mentally. Discover new feeling of energy in Valsugana & Lagorai.

It’s a place to find yourself, an environment for people who love the slow pace of living well, the pleasures of tastes and senses, where the small rituals and traditions of the past are carried on through generations, protagonists of a rural tourism, active and curious, looking for a new adventure.

Valsugana and Lagorai offer...
  • workshops to try the local ancient crafts
  • the dream of adopting a cow and eat the cheese produced in alpine hut with her milk
  • tastings of the genuine local products, including events from the slow food movement and related happenings.
  • warm welcomes in accommodations where you will arrive as a guest and will leave as a friend
  • pristine mountain lakes and pastures untouched by the hand of man
  • a range of mountain sports from climbing to hiking to simply watching the sun set
  • sustainable tourism that actively preserve its natural resources, art and culture.

You can choose between different types of holiday in Valsugana & Lagorai!
It depends on you and what you are looking for!

Outdoor activities and sports are good for motor coordination, strengthening self-confidence and restoring your emotions. The benefits for children may be even mor pronounced as new physical experiences help develop mind/body memory.

A holiday in Valsugana & Lagorai is a perfect place to start or develop a new healthy and sustainable lifestyle, thanks to the rural craft traditions that you will learn and will take with you back to the city.
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