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Lagorai Panorama

You walk along the then defence line of the Austrian-Hungarian war line and the opposing Italian defence line, during the First World War. You will enjoy a series of war paths and forts, meadows and open mountain huts, the beautiful val Campelle and the wild val Orsera, countless Alpine lakes and the complete view on theLagorai and Cima d’Asta Mountain Chain, which you may reach walking a variation of the trekking route. The trekking route is developed along mountain paths, apart from the elective variation Gabrielli to Cima d’Asta and about 30 meters to be walked using the mountain rope, in order to reach Forcella Orsera (elementary level). You leave from a high altitude point and the trekking does not imply difficult height differences, but is still requires to be adequately trained and fit. The 5/6 hours to walk every day do not include the resting times and refer to the speed of an average hiker.
Total ascending height difference: 2.826 m. and same while descending. Total length: 41 km.

FIRST DAY: Passo Manghen – Rifugio Caldenave
When you reach Passo del Manghen along the road from Borgo valsugana, you park your car close to the Restaurant. From the pass you take path no. 322 SAT, till Forcella Pala del Bécco, where the path divides into path no. 322B, till to the crossroad with path no. 362 SAT, till Malga Montalon (2 hours and ¾ ). From Malga Montalon you descend to Val Campelle, till the ascending road (1 hour and ½). From here you follow the paved road for about 300 m till to the first signals towards Rifugio Caldenave “Claudio e Renzo” . From here you can walk along path no. 332 SAT till the Caldenave plane, where you can find the homonymous refuge, in about 1 hour and ¼).
Resting points: Malga Montalon, Garni Sat Lagorai.
Sightseeing: war paths, road and fortifications of the First World War, majestic landscapes, the meadows surrounding Malga Montalon, water.
Remarks: it is quite a long day walk, but you begin the trekking tour at a high altitude. You are therefore advised to leave from Passo Manghen before 10 a.m.
SECOND DAY: Rifugio Caldenave – Malga Conseria
From the refuge you follow a short part of path no. 322 till to the crossroad towards val Orsera, path no. 373 A, till when you reach the homonymous pass (2.306 m, in 1 hour and ½). Here you begin to walk along path no. 373 SAT descending from Forcella Segura and then walk to Forcella delle Buse Todesche (2.309 m). Just before reaching the Forcella Buse Todesche you begin to walk along path no. 373 SAT, which will lead you to Forcella Magna (2.117 m) in about 2 hours. From Magna, along path no. 326 SAT, which is a pleasant latch, you reach Passo Cinque Croci (2.076 m) in about 1 hour and ½ and then the Malga Conseria refuge.
Resting points: Ricovero Lasteati/ Coro Sasso Rotto.
Sightseeing: the Caldenave plain, the wild val Orsera, fortifications and war paths, the landscape on the mountain chain.
Remarks: easy walk, limited height difference. You can observe interesting variations on the panoramic areas which staged the events of the First World War and reach in a faster way the Conseria refuge, along path no. L35 which crosses Buse Todesche and the Giaroni del Cengello (shortest route).
THIRD DAY: Malga Conseria – Passo Manghen
From the Conseria refuge you walk up to the Passo Cinque Croci and then to Malga Val Cion (path no. 318 SAT, in 1 hour, 170 m of height difference). From here follow path no. 318 till Forcella Valsorda, going through Passo Val Cion (1 hour). From Forcella Valsorda you follow path no. 322 SAT, a panoramic walk which lead you to Passo Manghen in about 2 hours and ½).
Resting points: Malga val Cion
Sightseeing: full view on the mountain chain Gruppo del Lagorai – Cima d’Asta, the alpine lakes. REMARkS: the height difference is limited, the duration is average and this walk offers a pleasant and panoramic walks going back to Passo Manghen.

The limited availability of the two refuges along the trekking route requires you to book in advance.

Lagorai Panorama Trekking can be crossed also anticlockwise, inverting the stages and the directions.
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