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Nature in freedom 

Nature is to be discovered to savour the silence and be in contact with a genuine tradition, sometimes even rough but always true that you can find in the hospitality of mountain refuges and the people who run them. You can take your time and have a chat with them and let them tell you their stories and the experiences they had at high altitudes. They will tell you how hard it is to live in the mountains which they love for their essence, they respect because they are aware that the mountain can be unforgiving. 

They will tell you the story of the refuge, how it was built and has grown and changed, and how time has affected it. They will describe their typical midweek or shoulder season day and you can compare their life with your everyday life to understand what the true values are and start with the right foot tomorrow, to change your way of experiencing life, which we sometimes live in a too hasty way, without really getting to know and appreciate things and events. You can stay in touch with nature in the mountain huts and chalets which have been renovated and made available for our guests.

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