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Coronavirus swabs: where makes it in Valsugana

Coronavirus swabs: where makes it in Valsugana


The new measures taken by the Government mean that from 6 August it will be essential to be in possession of a green pass - certification obtainable if vaccinated or if tested negative with a swab valid for 48 hours - to carry out various activities but also to travel safely.

This precautionary measure brings back the need to be able to count on different structures capable of performing rapid tests and issuing the certification in a short time in order to guarantee, especially for tourists, a pleasant stay in Valsugana and a safe return to their own. 

There are many structures that today offer the swab service in the area of Valsugana but the conditions have been created to activate new hubs given the possible and imminent growth in demand.

In order to guarantee a better service, arrangements have been made with two new HUBs to carry out the quick swabs:

  • Camping Due Laghi - Levico Terme: In collaboration with a licensed doctor, the campsite has set up an antigenic swab service in its infirmary for issuing the green pass and a serological test service to check antibodies. The service will be open upon reservation through an accommodation facility in the Valsugana area and, in particular, will cover the time slots left uncovered by the pharmacies, remaining available: on Fridays from 18.30-20.00, and on Saturdays and Sundays 8.30-11.00 (openings will be provided overtime in case of emergency and on the basis of requests received). The certificate will be issued in digital or paper form and in two languages, at a single cost of 28 euros.
  • SEA Consulenza e Servizi - Former school gym - Via Slucca de Matteoni 2/4
    Thanks to the availability of the Municipality of Levico and SEA Consulenze e Servizi, a new hub was set up at the former school gym (Via Slucca de Matteoni, 2/4 - Levico Terme) dedicated to rapid swab available to tourists and locals. You can go to the facility without having to book and by submitting the completed and signed consent form (form available online at here the operators will proceed with the acceptance and then perform the test. The result will be communicated within 20 minutes and will be issued in paper form, also in a foreign language, and will be valid to certify any negativity of the subject. The service will be available 7 days a week starting from 6 August from 9am to 12pm (monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, saturday and sunday) and from 4pm to 7 pm on friday, until 12 September at a cost of 20 euros.

Pharmacies and doctors continue to operate and already today offer the service of swabs which are:

  • Pharmacy Betti - Piazza S. Maria, 7 (Civezzano) Tel. 0461 858559
    Response in 15 minutes with certificate in two languages Cost 15 € (12-18 years 8€)
  • De Prez Pharmacy - Via Dante Alighieri, 31 (Levico Terme) Tel. 0461 706116
    Response in 15 minutes with certificate in two languages Cost 15 € (12-18 years 8€)
  • Pizzo Pharmacy - Viale Vito Bellini, 17 (Pergine Valsugana) Tel. 0461 530098
    Response in 20 minutes with certificate in two languages Cost 15 € (12-18 years 8€)
  • Gestifarm Pharmacy - Via Cesare Battisti, 26 (Pergine Valsugana) Tel. 0461 531101
    Response in 15 minutes with certificate in two languages Cost 15 € (12-18 years 8€)
  • Doctor Rigo Medical Office - Piazza Romani, 1 (Borgo Valsugana) Tel. 345 1733186
    Response in 15 minutes with certificate in two languages Cost 35 €
  • Dental Clinic Dalpos & Carraro - P.zza Montebello (Roncegno) Tel. 0461 771101
  • Response in 20 minutes with certificate in dual language Cost € 35

Alternatively, the document can be consulted and downloaded in our section dedicated to operators at this link!

APT Valsugana | 0461 727700 |

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