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Panorama dal Terrazzo
The "Bed & Breakfast Monte Tesobo" is an old farmhouse restored by the landowners Stefania and Bruno.

It is suspended between the sky and the ground, north of Roncegno Terme in the Lagorai range, 800 m. height and 2 Km. from the centre of the village, surrounded by chestnut and acacia trees where you can find also some specimens of fir tree and larch.Here you can notice the change of seasons through the change of colours in nature, the snow-white when the snow freezes over the trees and covers everything, the fresh-green of the new leaves, the scent of acacia-flowers that blossom all over the side, the dark-green in summer and colours and fragrances of medicinal and aromatic plants. We grow this kind of plants to produce infusions, salts and perfumes for the whole house. In autumn the change of colours of the leaves: green, red, orange and yellow inspire peace and tranquillity.Three rooms with six seats with according to the names of flowers and plants: mallow, lavender and balm-mint.The rooms are comfortable, furnished with stylishness and care with furniture in fir wood.We lay the breakfast table with natural products: home-made jam, cheese produced in Alpine pasture near Roncegno, goat and cow cheese and milk, apple and chestnut tarts.In summer you can have your breakfast outside, on the terrace and from there you can have an enchanting view of the valley.