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It is nice to wake up and admire the blue sky, unpolluted green woods, big meadows and in the background imposing mountains that protect this small corner of the world, kissed by the sun. If you indulge in this view in the morning, you could think that this spectacle is only for you....
Our refined and elegant restaurant offers typical and international dishes, together with the wines from our cellar.
In our restaurant harmonius colours, from cobalt blue to vivid wood brown, keep you company during your meal, a very important event every day. Our chef will delight you and you will realize that in the Hotel Lucia the sin of greed doesn't exist...
In our park there are age-old trees and green meadows, where you can relax from your holiday's "fatigues". It is a small world only for our guests.
And when the sun is too hot, you can bath in the swimming pool, where our entertainers organize water gymnastics.