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Adopt a cow

Have you ever had a cow or have you ever seen it closely?

From today you could realize your dream and adopt a cow and even taste the cheese produced in an alpine hut with its milk! “Adopt a cow” is  in fact  a funny project born in Valsugana and Lagorai to let you know the beautiful  nature of these mountains, to teach you how cheese is made following faithfully old recipes and to show you what it means to live in an alpine hut and watch over cows on mountain pasture. 

How can you adopt a cow??
To adopt a cow you simply have to do a money transfer of €60: €50  will be given to the alpine hut for the summer maintenance of “your” cow, while 10 euros will be devoted to children charity projects.

Can I become “friend” of my cow??
You could go at the alpine hut and know your cow during the mountain grazing period, approximately from 15th June to 15th September*. Adopting a cow you will receive dairy products produced directly in the alpine hut for the amount of € 50, on condition that you will go to the alpine hut to know your cow personally. You  could choose among fresh and mature cheese, tasty ricotta, butter, tosella and fresh milk, having the possibility to bring home fragrances of the mountains.

What are you waiting for?? Choose your cow!!

*Dairy products have to be withdrawn during the above mentioned period.  If not, the amount will be donated to the designated charities.
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