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Azienda Per il Turismo Valsugana – Lagorai, Terme, Laghi s.c. has the right of updating the following terms of use (which the user must know) of the website in any moment and without any prior notice

Information for companies

Azienda Per il Turismo Valsugana – Lagorai, Terme, Laghi sc (following called “APT Valsugana”), whose headquarter is in Levico Terme, Viale Vittorio Emanuele III (Tax code, VAT and Company Registration in Trento no 02043090220), is a cooperative society, whose mission is the promotion of the tourist offer through different devices, tourist information and welcome, promotion of the area and of tourist marketing projects, creation and intermediation of services, offer of holiday proposals.

Website (following called “Site” or “Portal”) is the tourism web portal owned by the Valsugana Tourist Board for providing institutional information, this service being integrated with the component responsible for promoting and marketing the valley's tourist facilities.

The site is integrated with the Booking System Feratel. The Booking System is a technological interface between the user and accommodation providers in Trentino: it is a neutral virtual marketplace where the user can find information, get in touch with tour operators or with the Trentino Booking Centre, or make reservations directly with accommodation providers in the database used by the System.
The site uses plugins of some social networks (By way of example, but by no means exhaustive: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), which give the opportunity for sharing, commenting or doing other actions which will be reported on the user’s account.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

All Site content is protected and safeguarded by current regulations governing copyright and industrial property rights.
By way of example, but by no means exhaustive, Site content is to be understood as: texts, photographs, videos, databases, layouts, audio files, any type of graphics and/or text in general.
Unless expressly authorized by APT Valsugana, any type of text mining or reuse of the Site content is prohibited.
The contents of the Site may not, therefore, be copied and/or reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of APT Valsugana, except and exclusively for personal or educational purposes.
Quotations for the record, studies, critiques or reviews are allowed, but only if the source is indicated as “APT Valsugana – Lagorai, Terme, Laghi website” and/or “”.
It should be noted that the Site's pages may contain brand names, domain names, company names or other signs owned by third parties with whom APT Valsugana has various types of agreement and who have authorised APT Valsugana to use them on the Site: any reproduction or other use is prohibited.

External links

Links to the site from other websites are allowed only if expressively specified that the link lead up to the institutional site of APT Valsugana.
APT Valsugana accepts no responsibility for sites that can be accessed via links on its web pages, these being provided only as a service to users. The owners of these sites are completely responsible of their contents. APT Furthermore, APT Valsugana offers no assurances regarding any software found on such sites and cannot guarantee their quality, completeness and compatibility with the systems in use.


APT Valsugana takes the utmost care in assuring that the information contained on its web page have been analysed, controlled, elaborated and updated as soon as possible. However, given the multitude of sources used and the many pages comprising the website, APT Valsugana accepts no responsibility for mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions.
The user must contact APT Valsugana offices any time he would like to confront the correctness of the information found on the Site.
APT Valsugana reserves the right to modify and update the said content without prior notice and at its own discretion.
APT Valsugana accepts no responsibility for any harmful consequences, direct or indirect, arising from the use of information however provided through the Site, nor for any interruptions to the service.

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