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Alta Via del Granito

The Alta via del Granito (High path of Granite), is a splendid circular route taking in Cima d’Asta, the Cime di Rava and the mountains of the Lagorai. The Alta via uses a network of old paths and military mule tracks (dating from WW1). Easily completed in 3 days, the Alta Via del Granito combines (overnight) stops at 2 refuges, with hikes along marked paths that take you through stunning wild scenery where not only do you come into close contact with nature, but where you can also witness mans direct impact on the environment. This is seen not only by the presence of high mountain shepherds huts and the surrounding summer pastures, but also the remains of military activity from World War I.
FIRST DAY: Malga Sorgazza – Rifugio Caldenave
From Malga Sorgazza which is currently a restaurant, you take path no. 328, which leads to the Forcella Quarazza, along the lake Costa Brunella. Walk around the south-east top of Cima Trento till the Forzelon di Rava. From Forzelon, there is a short and nice walk up to Cimon Rava (2.436 m) with a beautiful view on the mountain tops Cresta del Frate. From the mountain top you walk along path no. 332B. It is an easy and panoramic walk along the highest points of the valley val di Rava, reaching Forcella Ravetta. The path descends steeply along the northern side of the majestic Cima Caldenave, crossing a small forest and reaching the wide peat bog, a few minutes from the Caldenave refuge.

SECOND DAY: Rifugio Caldenave - Rifugio Cima d’asta
From the Caldenave refuge you descent toward the plain, cross the river and begin to walk along path no. 360, which goes up to Forcella delle Buse Todesche, along the peculiar lakes of the valley Val dell’Inferno (literarily Valley of the Hell). From here you walk the high path, towards north, along path no. 373, which sides the eastern sides of Cengello and of Cima Lasteati. In this way you can reach Forcella Magna, an important mountain pass which connects val Sorgazza with the northern part of val Cia. During the First World War this mountain pass was reachable with a small road – there are many remains of it -  used by the Italian soldiers to transport large antiaircraft artillery pieces. From the mountain pass you walk down long path no. 380 till when you reach a deviation on the right hand side, towards Passo Socede (path no. 380B), at 2516 m. which you can read on some remains of a former war trench. From here, in 15 minutes, you can reach the Brentari refuge, walking on large granite stones.

THIRD DAY: Rifugio Cima d’Asta - Malga Sorgazza
From the Brentari refuge you walk down on the peculiar granite plates till to the basis of the cableway. Finally, you reach Malga Sorgazza, walking along a mountain road, thus completing the ring-shaped route. From the refuge you can walk up to Cima d’Asta (2.847 m, with a height difference of 370 m, to be walked in 1 hour and 1/4).

High path of Granite can be crossed also anticlockwise, inverting the stages and the direction.
Before beginning your trekking, remember to book your accommodation in the refuges.
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