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Via Claudia Augusta

From Altino (VE) to Augsburg (Germany)  
Since many centuries Valsugana has been a land of both passage and union between different people and cultures.

As a testimony of this there is the ancient Roman road Claudia Augusta Altinate, which connected Altino near Venice with Augusta Vindelicum today’s Augsburg in Germany.
Traced by Druso and completed in 46 d.C. by his son Claudio, whom its named after, the Claudia Augusta road passes through Veneto, Trentino, Alto Adige, Tyrol and arrives in Bavaria.

The road, built for military and defensive purposes, used to retrace an already existing trail used by prehistoric hunters. To testify the presence of the road there is the military memorial in Tenna, which has the number XXXXI [M(ilia) p(assuum)] engraved on it, that used to indicate the distance from Feltre.

Today the memorial (a milestone of the Claudia Augusta road) is situated at the county building of Via Venezia.

A very old road indeed, which is still used today by thousands of visitors who arrive in Valsugana and are attracted by the beauty of the natural setting and discover these fascinating testimonies left behind by time and history.
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