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The Natural reserves of Valsugana


Nature and wild animal lovers who want to observe wildlife in the wild will love the WWF Oasis in Valtrigona, an ideal destination. With some luck you will observe deer walking close to the surrounding fence of the wildlife oasis in Villa Agnedo.

Naturalistic oasis

Many protected areas in Valsugana are extremely important from the environmental and ecologic viewpoints: they are often small residual areas of special habitats (humid areas, grasslands, small ponds) which elsewhere have vanished or degraded.
Some of these areas have been equipped with paths and observation points to enhance your visit and maximise your learning.
Here under you will find a short description of the areas offering this kind of facilities. Further information is available on the website dedicated to the protected areas of Trentino

Finally, you can ask for guidebooks and publications published by the competent office of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Biotopes Office Rete Natura 2000 del Servizio Sviluppo Sostenibile e Aree Protette, Via Guardini 75, Trento;,  tel. +39 0461 497885.
All natural reserves of Trentino are protected areas: guests are required to behave accordingly, to avoid disturbance to other visitors, animals, staff and the flora of the area.


Valsugana features many parks where you can relax in the shadow of the various trees, coming from all over, in very close contact with nature. The three main parks are: the Parco delle Terme di Levico (where the spas of Levico can be found), the Parco Ai Tre Castagni in Pergine Valsugana and the Parco delle Terme (spa) in Roncegno.

Park areas offer a good opportunity to spend a nice day with your family and friends, enjoying a BBQ and have fun all together! For example you can visit the Parco La Cascatella or the River Park Torrente Grigno in Castello Tesino.
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