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Levico Water

Levico water flows from a century-old Upper Valsugana source, more than 1600 meters high. The position of the source , the favourable climate of Trentino Alto Adige, the presence of many pine forests and pristine nature are among the reasons of the hight-quality Levico Water. 

Thanks to its organoleptic properties , Levico Water is one of the lightest waters in Europe. This feature is very important for our wellbeing. Mineral water plays , in fact , a leading role in the organism : it is the transport of all substances that exchanged among different cells. 

To continually renew the water in our bodies is therefore essential : the lighter the water is, the easier it will be his replacement .
Levico Water is born pure and so comes to your table. Levico Water chose to bottle exclusively in glass bottles because it is an ecological and non-polluting material .

The use of glass allows to :
  • safeguard the environment because 100% recyclable
  • consume the product without any chemical contamination

Levico Water Features : 
Fixed residue 36.3 mg / l - light, ideal to counter the high water retention causing diuresis. 
Nitrate: 1.2 mg / l  - among the lowest on the market , an indicator of purity and absence of pollution . 
PH: 6.3 - ideal value
Sodium: 1.0 mg / l  - low value of sodium
Levico Water is available in size from 100 cl – Natural, Lightly Sparkling, Sparkling - at a price that will surprise you. 

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