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Fruits of the forest

Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, red and white currants, strawberries, small strawberries, gooseberries and late cherries: all excellent to be eaten fresh or be transformed into delicious jams, compotes, syrups and juices.

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The sweet taste of Trentino in a jar 
Wild-berries jam: the recipe 

For two 500 g –jars 
Blueberries - 350 grams 
Strawberries - 200 grams 
Raspberries - 200 grams
Cubed sugar - 500 grams
Juice of 1 lemon 

1. Peel 300 g of blueberries,200 g of strawberries and  e 200 g di Raspberries. 
2.  Put the fruits in a casserole and cook on a medium burner up to when they become soft and dry enough. 
Add the lemon juice and 500g of cubed sugar  to the compote and keep on cooking on a low burner for 15 minutes, while frequently stirring. To verify whether the jam is ready, place some drops on an inclined plate to see if it slowly moves downward. 
3. Pour out the boiling jam in the jars almost up to the edge. Close them and turn them upside-down; after 10 minutes turn them again. Allow them to cool down and place them in the sideboard.   
4.Taste the memory of a holiday in Valsugana in good company!

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