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Valsugana: a range of unique flavours

Are you interested in food & wine tourism? Then Valsugana and Lagorai will let you discover local product and dishes strongly rooted in the traditions, quality and genuineness. 

The untouched nature and the green meadows meet culture and passion for healthy food: there you find the best flavours of the mountain to taste! Among the most delicious products: polenta, produced with the famous Valsugana flour, the genuine soft fruits of Sant'Orsola; the Parampampoli and the popular cheese products, such as the typical cheese produced in the mountain huts. 

The Valsugana Tourist Board guarantees the quality of the local products: The brand “Taste the difference” is a local brand which certifies the traceability of the raw ingredients and the principle of the short supply chain, the respect of the environment and the local traditions. 
Further, the “Slow Food" philosophy is strongly supported in Valsugana. This mind-set aims at promoting and protecting the agro-food products of the territory: our tasty and healthy cuisine, here, is a treasure preserved from generation to generation. 

Come to discover the food & wine tours of Valsugana, such as the Way of Wines and Flavours of Trentino. The way is marked by the best regional flavours, from the wines Trento DOC (Controlled Origin Denomination), the liqueurs (called grappa), the smoked pig meat (speck) and the dairy products. Take back come the flavours of your Trentino farm holidays!
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