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Among the many places that Trentino offers to lovers of this kind of sport and to everyone who loves the marvellous landscapes and the practise of sports into nature, we want to suggest one in particular: Vetriolo Terme in Valsugana (Trento) where the VOLO LIBERO TRENTINO has been working since twenty years. From the top of the mount Panarotta, above 2000 meters, you have an excellent point of view over the Dolomites of Brenta, the alpin chain on north-west and the Valsugana with its beautiful lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico Terme in the south.
As high esteemed ski centre the mountains around Vetriolo offer many possibilities to practice sport and rest. As the last defence in the Valsugana of the wild and wonderful group of the Lagorai, above the sights it offers very good possibilities for flights and crossing also in the less propitious months.

In summer the take-offs from Panarotta, with a height difference of 1500 metres and  a regular temperature range are an optimal springboard for unforgettable flights. These take-offs can be reached by car along a dirt road in good condition.

The local Club „Volo Libero Trentino“ has equipped a new take-off near Vetriolo Terme, dedicated to Didier Favre in Vetriolo Terme  about 1500 meters high directed to south with a springboard for hang-gliders and a natural slope for parachutes. The particular position allows also beautiful flights in winter and above all it allows to fly in case of north wind: a real rarity in the alpine zones! 

The official landing is near the village Barco di Levico, run from the club “Volo Libero Trentino”; a huge field in the middle of the valley with windsleeves and at the option of parking. 


Given the increase in the number of pilots and numerous tandem flight activities, at our flight area, the direction of the Club Volo Libero Trentino, specific standards of good conduct for take off and landing, and remember:


-  it is recommended to occupy for the shortest time possible the take-off area
-  the top take-off is forbidden
-  landing clear the area as quickly as possible
-  pilots flying regularly in Panarotta must registration Club


-  the two-seater activity needs MANDATORY registration the Club
-  tandem flights are only allowed pilots with proper authorization and adequate means


flight schools wishing to practice at the site of the Club Volo Libero Trentino, must MANDATORY communicate its program

This is the map of takeoffs and landings:

Take off Vetriolo
Take off: 1500 meters a.s.l. 
Landing: 350 meters a.s.l. 
Wind: mainly South-West
Flight features similar to the ones offered by Panarotta. The take-off, located in south it’s about two thirds of the mountain and it is equipped with a wood springboard for hand-gliders and an adjacent slope for parachutists. You can take-off all the year round and always in prime condition.  You can reach  it, along asphalt road, starting from Levico towards ‘Panarotta 2002’ until Vetriolo Terme.

Take off Panarotta
Take off: 2000 metres a.s.l.
Landing: 350 meters a.s.l.
Wind: mainly South occasional North 
Flight on the mountainside of Panarotta, on the Lagorai chain, above Levico Terme. Take-off in south, south-east, north along a natural slope. The landing is located south along Valsugana thus taking-off towards south there are no problems. In any case the take-off towards south is optimal both for beginners and experts, while the take-offs towards east and north are recommended to only experts pilots. Except winter months,in air there are always optimal range temperatures, which allow both touristic flights and distance ones, mainly towards the valley of Fiemme and Fassa along the Lagorai mountain chain.

Alternative take-offs: Loc. Le Pozze, Loc. Serot, Loc. Malga Colo
Extensive  fields towards south; average altitude: 1700 a.s.l. You can reach them by car from May to November. Easy flights also reserved to beginners.


In this area is prohibited: 
- Do not stop (in take-off area)
- No camping
- Do not throw the rubbish
- Don't light fire

More information:
Paragliding Tandem Team
Tel. (0039) 340 4880577

Volo Libero Trentino
Maso Al Vetriolo Vecchio - Vetriolo - Levico Terme
Facebook: Volo Libero Trentino

Fly Tandem Valsugana
Tel. (0039) 328 2620100

Scuola Parapendio Trento
Tel. (0039) 329 3103203 | (0039) 340 4880577

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