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Valsugana Flour

In the gastronomic tradition of Tesino and Valsugana, polenta plays a decisive role and is offered with a range of very tasty second courses.

Corn has always been grown in the area, and in particular a very dense wheat variety called Pignolino, which in the trade is considered for the best. From the 1800s to the present, many steps have been taken to obtain a pure seed and to improve the characteristics of "Spin," the grain with the particular hook shape, so much so that in September 1999 the trademark "Farina della Valsugana" was registered.

The flour, with its soft and unmistakable taste, is the product of expert processing and becomes the ideal dish to accompany tasty second courses depending on the season: crispy fried cheese or fresh "tosella," porcini or chanterelle mushrooms, sauerkraut or "verde" (savoy cabbage), smoked meat or roasted "luganeghe" (local kind of sausage).

Valsugana Flour can be found in all supermarkets and stores of typical products in the valley.

You can follow the stages of corn cultivation and flour processing at:
Spagolle company in Castelnuovo
tel. (0039) 347 3060030

Boil 2 liters of water, add salt and add about 500 grams of Valsugana flour.
Whisk for a few minutes with energy to avoid lumps.
Let cook 40 minutes, stirring often with wooden spoon.
If desired, soft cheese can be added during the last minutes of cooking.
Another variation: mix with melted butter and grated parmesan cheese.

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