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Lagorai Nordic Walking Park

Discover the nordic walking tracks of Valsugana and Lagorai

15 tracks, 80 km of overall length.

The Nordic Walking Park Lagorai, with the support of 6 municipalities and the collaboration of the Italian School Nordic Walking, allow you to discover the territory without damage the environment, highlighting the nature that characterize Lagorai territory, a place to be discovered.

All the selected walking tracks have different characteristic in their technique and length, they offer everyone the chance to get closer this sport or practise it, alone or with instructors. Good walk!

What Is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a walking performed with specially designed walking poles. It can be considered one of the most comprehensive sport. Practiced outdoors is good for the heart and circulation, strengthen arms and shoulders, improves posture and tones buttocks and abdomen.
Easy to do for everyone. Sport for everyone to practice all the year around. It offers an easy, inexpensive and funny way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. You need only sportswear and two poles specially designed to obtain maximum benefits.

With proper technique you can get good benefits:
  • lose weight, you can burn 45% calories more than a normal walk
  • move up to 90% of our muscles
  • thanks to the use of the poles it will reduce the stress on the joints
  • it is a great cardiovascular workout and it reduces stress factors and depression
  • it improves aerobic capacity
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