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Mountain Bike

Valsugana further belongs to the Dolomites Lagorai Bike Circuit, in Eastern Trentino, which encompasses about 1000 km of routes, all tracked down on your GPS

The areas of Valsugana & Lagorai are the perfect scenario for your Mountain Bike tours. You can choose among various routes, with different degrees of difficulty and length.

You can start from the easy route around the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo or take the challenge of Giro d'Asta, a mountain route. Valsugana's biking routes meet the desires of everybody: from the beginners to the most expert.

Valsugana further belongs to the Dolomites Lagorai Bike Circuit, in Eastern Trentino, which encompasses about 1000 km of routes, all tracked down on your GPS: it is impossible to get lost!

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Mountain Bike - Borghi del Tesino Bike 2310 difficulty: easy estimated duration: 2:32 h This route  connects the three municipalities of the plateau. You will discover all the villages and their history and ride on ancient streets with breathtaking views...   Details Mountain Bike - Brocon Malene Tesino Bike 2306 difficulty: easy estimated duration: 1:24 h The route descends from the panoramic mountain pass Brocon. It passes through the wild Malene valley and continues on an unpaved road...   Details Mountain Bike - Fierollo Tesino Bike 2307 difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 4:45 h The route starts from Pieve Tesino and passes through the Malene valley to ascend to Spiado and the fields around Malga Fierollo...   Details Mountain Bike - Lefre Tesino Bike 2308 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:13 h This ring route starts in locality Pradellano, climbing an hairpin paved road to the refuge Monte Lefre.   Details Mountain Bike - Monte Mezza Tesino Bike 2309 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:13 h The route starts in Cinte Tesino and climbs the Monte Mezza mountain. A part of it follows an unpaved road through the wood of fir trees...   Details Mountainbike - 3TBike Tour (nr. 241) difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 3:30 h Started in 2007 as a competition, it then became a permanent circuit. It is characterized by exhilarating ascents and descents, straight through...   Details Mountainbike - Agaro Tesino Bike 2305 difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 4:19 h The route follows an unpaved road and a path which reaches the mount Agaro. From this mount it is possible to enjoy a 360 degree view of the Lagorai...    Details Mountainbike - Ancient traditions tour (nr. 246) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:00 h A very nice alternative route with asphalt and unpaved roads, through a varied series of gentle hills and nice runs. This trail is accessible to...   Details Mountainbike - Brocon Cascatella Tesino Bike 2303 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:48 h An exciting declivity. To start, first reach the mountain Pass Brocon by car or by private bike shuttle...   Details Mountainbike - Cavè Valley Tour (nr. 248) difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 3:20 The bike – trip starts in the silent woods of Torcegno to reach the locality Cavè. In the valley, a stop at the characteristic alms is a must,...   Details Mountainbike - Celado Tesino Bike 2301 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:15 h The 15 km route goes from Castello Tesino to the Celado Plateau on unpaved roads. The first kilometers you will ride on inclines...   Details Mountainbike - Cima d'Asta Tour (nr. 243) difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 7:40 h A technical and demanding tour, planned for two days march. The sceneries, the variety of landscapes and the size of the Cima d'Asta massif compensate...   Details Mountainbike - Delle Pozze Tour (nr. 252) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:20 h A unique itinerary characterized by the presence of peaks of Panarotta, Fravort and Gronlait, in a fantastic setting in the southern part of...   Details Mountainbike - Monte Civerone Tour (nr. 251) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 1:30 h The starting point is the sports center, for a while you cycle up the bike path in the steep Coalba valley , at the foot of Ortigara. Theater of two...   Details Mountainbike - Picosta Tesino Bike 2302 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:36 h The route starts from Castello Tesino and climbs on a road and an unpaved path to the mount Picosta...   Details Mountainbike - Senaiga Tesino Bike 2304 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:56 h The route starts on a road and continues in the wood on an unpaved path. It passes on the east side of mount Agaro...   Details Mountainbike - Small fruits tour (nr. 249) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:10 h This tour takes us to discover the valley of the Fersina, or “Val Mocheni”. A small and almost unknown valley that has cultivated through the years...   Details Mountainbike - Tesino Bike Trophy (nr. 245) difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 2:00 h A route of about 23 km through the territories of three Municipalities of the Conca of Tesino: Pieve, Cinte and Castello Tesino. Together the distance...   Details Mountainbike - Tour Monte Agaro (nr. 253) difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 4:00 h An exhilarating bike ride from park La Cascatella to the summit of Monte Agaro, with a beautiful view of the villages of Valsugana. One route takes...   Details Mountainbike - Tour of Musiera (nr. 250) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:05 h In the heart of Lagorai this route goes on forest roads and old mule tracks through the area of the Great War and the "path of peace". You will...   Details Mountainbike - Tour of the lakes (nr. 242) difficulty: easy estimated duration: 2:00 h This itinerary is developed in part on the cycling path and partly on secondary asphalt roads or dirt roads. Ride for the first stretch overlooking the lake Levico...   Details Mountainbike - Tour of the Val Campelle (nr. 247) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:30 h The idea of a bike tour around the beauty of the Val Campelle is excellent, from the cool banks of the Torrente Maso to the bridge of Conseria,...   Details Mountainbike - Tour Val di Sella (nr. 244) difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:30 km A wealth of magical and magnificent views, through the whole Sella Valley, around the numerous works of Arte Sella, a creative and cultural space....   Details
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