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Mountain Bike

Valsugana further belongs to the Dolomites Lagorai Bike Circuit, in Eastern Trentino, which encompasses about 1000 km of routes, all tracked down on your GPS

The areas of Valsugana & Lagorai are the perfect scenario for your Mountain Bike tours. You can choose among various routes, with different degrees of difficulty and length.

You can start from the easy route around the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo or take the challenge of Giro d'Asta, a mountain route. Valsugana's biking routes meet the desires of everybody: from the beginners to the most expert.

Valsugana further belongs to the Dolomites Lagorai Bike Circuit, in Eastern Trentino, which encompasses about 1000 km of routes, all tracked down on your GPS: it is impossible to get lost!

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Mountainbike - Picosta Tesino Bike 2302 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:36 h   Details Mountain Bike - Borghi del Tesino Bike 2310 difficulty: easy estimated duration: 2:32 h   Details Mountainbike - Celado Tesino Bike 2301 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:15 h   Details Mountainbike - Agaro Tesino Bike 2305 difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 4:19 h   Details Mountainbike - Brocon Cascatella Tesino Bike 2303 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:48 h   Details Mountainbike - Monte Civerone Tour 2351 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 1:30 h   Details Mountain Bike - Lefre Tesino Bike 2308 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:13 h   Details Mountainbike - Tesino Bike Trophy (nr. 245) difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 2:00 h   Details Mountain Bike - Monte Mezza Tesino Bike 2309 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:13 h   Details Mountainbike - 3TBike Tour 2341 difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 3:30 h   Details Mountainbike - Tour Val di Sella 2344 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:30 km   Details Mountainbike - Cima d'Asta Tour 2343 difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 7:40 h   Details Mountainbike - Ancient traditions tour 2346 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:00 h   Details Mountain Bike - Brocon Malene Tesino Bike 2306 difficulty: easy estimated duration: 1:24 h   Details Mountain Bike - Fierollo Tesino Bike 2307 difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 4:45 h   Details Mountainbike - Tour of Musiera 2350 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:05 h   Details Mountainbike - Tour Monte Agaro (nr. 253) difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 4:00 h   Details Mountainbike - Tour of the Val Campelle 2347 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:30 h   Details Mountainbike - Delle Pozze Tour 2352 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:20 h   Details Mountainbike - Tour of the lakes 2342 difficulty: easy estimated duration: 2:00 h   Details Mountainbike - Cavè Valley Tour 2348 difficulty: difficult estimated duration: 3:20   Details Mountainbike - Senaiga Tesino Bike 2304 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 3:56 h   Details Mountainbike - Small fruits tour 2349 difficulty: medium estimated duration: 2:10 h   Details
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