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Trento is a city of art, of history and represents a crossroads for the contrasting cultures of Italy and northern Europe.

Originally a Roman city,Trento became famous for the Council (1545 -1563) which gave rise to the counter - Reformation.

Trento's rich artistic and historical heritage is to be found in its monuments, which embody the centuries of history written under the dual influences of northern and Italian cultures, still evident today in the variety of architectural styles.

Among the many faces of Trento, one of the most striking is that of the alpine Renaissance city, which has been restored to its original splendour by recent restaurations.

Places to visit include the Castello del Buonconsiglio (the castle which was home to the prince bishops of Trento for many centuries), the Duomo (cathedral) and its splendid square, the houses decorated with frescoes, the churches of the Council, the characteristic markets,  the museums and exhibitions which today make Trento a city of art, culture and traditions beyond those of the Alps.

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