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Valsugana-Lagorai: excitement all year round

Holidays in Trentino will offer opportunity to have fun to all of you! 
Valsugana and Lagorai cover a very wide and varying territory, which will satisfy all sport lovers, but not only them!

From mountain sports, to water sports, emotions while biking or flying in the airskiing in the winter or walking along the lakes:  you will choose among many activities, while being on holiday in Valsugana. Many sports activity and outdoor activities are waiting for you. Whether you are an expert athlete or simply a nature lover, you will love it here, with many MTB routesgolf courses, trekking tripsnautical and dragon boat centres, centres for flying activities and much more.

As an alternative, you can book one of the many organized tours, managed by the Valsugana Tourist Board, to walk along the lakes or along historical and natural routes.

What about winter? You cannot miss the exciting experience of skiing in Trentino, or practicing other activities on the snow-capped mountains! You can walk with snow shoes, enjoy cross-country skiing, skiing and snowboarding: you only need to make your choice! 

Pick the sports you prefer and experience a great emotion!
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