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Mushroom hunting


The woods of Valsugana and Lagorai are popular because of the many mushroom species you can find.

Finferli (Chanterelle), Porcini (Boletus), Chiodini (Honey fungus), Funghi dal Sangue (Lactarius Sanguifluus) and many other species can be found during summer and autumn, in the woods and in the meadows.

Mushroom hunting requires that you walk in the mountain: you should never walk alone, always inform your friends and family of the route you will follow, dress adequately (mountain shoes, raincoat and sweater) and never forget to take something to drink.

A good mushroom hunter never picks mushrooms that he is does not know 100%. Poisonous mushroom are very dangerous!

Mushroom hunting in Trentino is ruled by a provincial law.

The main elements of the law establish that:
  • You need to ask and obtain the permission from  the local municipality or competent office and pay for the permit;
  • You pick mushrooms from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.;
  • You can pick up to maximum 2 kg per day per person (older than 10 years);
  • You need to roughly clean mushrooms where you pick them up;
  • You need to transport mushrooms in rigid and holed container;
  • It is prohibited to damage or destroy mushrooms on the soil;
  • It is prohibited to use rakes, hooks and other tools which may damage the soil;
  • It is prohibited to disturb the fauna;
  • It is prohibited to leave behind wastes of any kind.
  • You need to respect the private properties, in particular:
    • it is prohibited to pick mushrooms close to mountain huts and similar facilities;
    • it is prohibited to pick mushrooms and access areas beyond property fences and limits.

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