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The mountain cheese

The mountain hut landlords and the shepherds spend their summers up in the mountain, they pasture their cows and produce chees, ricotta and butter: they are the clearest example of the ancient life-styles, the symbol of the deeply rooted traditions of Valsugana and Lagorai.
They produce mountain cheese – called di malga - marked by the flavours of the mountain and all the perfumes of the high-mountain meadows. The protection and the trading of this kind of cheese, produced according to an ancient procedure is the objective of the Libera Associazione Pastori and Malghesi del Lagorai  (an ad-hoc association of shepherds and mountain hut landlords). They try to preserve the traditional techniques to produce cheese. According to the ancient artisanal system, the curdling is performed in copper containers, the seasoning takes place on plates in larch and pine. They are the fundamental aspects to be protected and transmitted to the younger generations of mountain hut landlords.

The mountain cheese is different from cheese produced on a wider scale, because it is deeply rooted in the territory of origin. The milk produced by the cows pasturing on high-mountain meadows is marked by unique organoleptic features, which make this kind of cheese so special.

The cheese which is produced on the Vezzena plateau is a cheese to be seasoned, while the cheese produced in the area of Lagorai should be eaten while still fresh.

The cheese factory

In Trentino gastronomical tradition cheese holds a considerable position. Eaten fresh, melted or grilled and accompanied by an excellent polenta, it represents a tasty, filling second course. In Valsugana, the health of high mountain’s pastures gives the cheese an exclusive, unmistakable and unforgettable taste. 

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