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UNIKA PARTNER SRL, headquartered in Castelnuovo in Valsugana, produces and distributes craft beers from Trentino. All beers are produced in an artisanal manner, with the patience of yesteryear and with raw materials purchased from small producers.  Long maturations ensure the enhancement of taste and aroma.

We do not want the advanced technology of the production plant to replace the craftsmanship and skillful mastery of our Master Brewer. For us, the facility is the supporting tool that must ensure the craft product's consistent quality of conformity.

Lagorai Beer - Unika Partner srl
Locality Broletti - 38050 Castelnuovo (TN)
Tel. (0039) 348 7054229 - Fax (0039) 0461 759938

Your Territory... Your Freedom... Your Beer...
Research, connection to the territory, sustainability. Birrificio degli Arimanni is the result of a journey that began with a passion for craft beer, passed through a love for Trentino and a quest for excellence, and materialized into a genuine, surprising and innovative product.

In medieval times, the arimanno represented the free man, tied to his land so much that he decided to obey the lord who left it in his care in order to defend it. The arimanno moves in a dance of love and respect for the land. The one who gives sustenance, if loved and respected, can only generate high quality raw material.

It is from high quality raw material, favoring local suppliers, that Arimanni Brewery decides to start, without compromise and without ever failing in its commitments to environmental sustainability and continuous research.

Arimanni Brewery
Via Armentera, 8, 38051 Borgo Valsugana TN (Brewery Headquarters)
Strada della Baricata, 3, 38059, Castel Ivano, TN (Headquarters)
Tel. +39 347 86 71 794 |
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