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Valsugana's sunny, mild-climate hillsides lend themselves well to the cultivation of grapes, which, thanks to the passion of skilled vintners, are transformed into excellent wine. 

Expanses of vines, especially Chardonnay grapes, lying on the gentle hills around the city of Trento, along the Adige Valley and on the hills of the upper Valsugana, provide the raw material to produce the sparkling wine TRENTODOC classic method.

The high quality of the grapes and the complex and delicate method of refermentation in the bottle with which it is produced make TRENTODOC the flagship of Trentino wine production.

Discover the full charm of TRENTODOC production by visiting some small, but important wineries by appointment.

Lagorai Sparkling Wine - Romanese Winery 

The F.lli Romanese winery was founded in Levico Terme in 1998. In the heart of Trentino, a step away from the Lagorai mountain range, this winery cultivates vines with true passion. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 600 meters, where the qualities of the Chardonnay and Müller Thurgau grapes are able to express themselves at their best, both aromatically and organoleptically. LAGORAI sparkling wine, the flagship of the Romanese Winery's production, is born from a constant search for beauty combined with strict adherence to the method. After aging for at least 16 months in the bottle, our sparkling wine, made from Chardonnay grapes, acquires a persistent perlage, bringing the scents of our mountains to the nose. The winery is a member of the Wine and Flavours Routes of Trentino.

Spumante Lagorai - Azienda Agricola Fratelli Romanese

Strada Provinciale Per Vetriolo, 52 . 38056 Levico Terme (TN)
Tel. (0039) 347 3817590 - (0039) 328 4161547 | | Pagina Facebook

"20,000 Leagues Under... the Lake":
in 2013, part of the production was laid on the bottom of Lake Levico to "rest," waiting to be ready to be uncorked! Watch the video:

Terre del Lagorai

The historic cellars within the mighty walls of Castel Ivano, an ancient private manor built in the 12th century A.D. on the promontory of Mount Lefre in Valsugana, have become the wine cellars of Terre del Lagorai. An evocative historic site among the best preserved in the area, the castle is nestled in the lush countryside just a few kilometers from the area's main places of interest.

Terre del Lagorai

Sede Cantina: Via al Castello, 1 - 38059 Castel Ivano (TN)
Sede Legale: Corso Ausugum, 22 - 38051 Borgo Valsugana (TN)
Tel: 0461 762223 | mail: | | Pagina Facebook

Cenci Winery

The winery of Azienda Agricola Cenci is the brainchild of Valentino and Silvia who, after cultivating a passion for viticulture for more than 10 years, decided to devote themselves full-time to the production of wines and sparkling wines. The winery, as well as the 4 hectares of vineyards that surround it, is located in Castelnuovo in Trentino, an area historically devoted to viticulture. Silvia and Valentino, thanks also to the support of their family members, personally follow all the processes on a daily basis: from cultivation of the soil to winemaking, from bottling to labeling of their very fragrant Chardonnay (Trentino DOC), as well as Pinot Noir and classic method sparkling wine (TRENTODOC).  

Cantina Cenci

Loc. Ceggio, 3 - Castelnuovo (TN)
Tel: 338 7580333 | mail: | Pagina Facebook

Chardonnay and Rebo

TheFranco Ferrai Winery, associated with the Wine and Flavors Routes of Trentino, has about 2.5 hectares in Valsugana where grapes are grown that become Chardonnay Trentino DOC "Rore" and Rebo Trentino DOC.
It is possible to book guided tours with tastings and purchase products at the winery.

Azienda Agricola Franco Ferrai
Via Rore, 15 - 38050 Telve Valsugana (TN)
Tel (0039) 0461 766908 - (0039) 347 5861673

Pavana dei Sicconi

Thanks to the passion and sensitivity of a group of Valsugana farmers associated with each other and supported by the European project LeaderPlus, and their collaboration with the Furlani Winery, the red and rosé wine "Pavana dei Sicconi" is born.
Pavana is a once widespread historical grape variety that this project seeks to safeguard and enhance in both cultural and economic terms.

Associazione Tutela e Valorizzazione Antichi Vitigni della Valsugana

Loc. Campregheri 21 - 38040 Centa San Nicolò (TN) 
Tel. (0039) 320 2509993

Blanc de Sers

Blanc De Sers is part of the project to recover and vinify the traditional grapes present in the Trentino region until World War I:
a project marked by the Vini dell'Angelo brand.
The area involved includes the coast from Serso to Croz del Cius. Situated between the Fersina stream and the forests of Predolcia, on a steep slope, it is exposed all day to the sun and sheltered from northern winds.
The historic grapes, Vanderbara (exclusive to the area), Veltliner Rosso, Nosiola and Vernaza, are gradually being reintroduced to replace the international varieties planted in recent decades.
The small church of St. George is a symbol of the area and now also of this project.

"Blanc de Sers" has a curious history: in June 1978 Guido Valcanover of Mala and Lino Andreatta of Costasavina, traveling on the S.S. Romea near Cesenatico, entered a trendy restaurant where a waiter with a large, dangling tastevin, made them sit down by recommending dishes and wines. The two friends, somewhat in jest, ask for a battle of "Blanc de Sers..." The sommelier consults with a colleague, goes down to the cellar, returns and with a disconsolate look, shaking his head, says, "I'm sorry, we've run out..."
The story has been going around since then in the Pergine area in various versions. this is the original.

Blanc de Sers: download data sheet

Blanc de Sers is produced by:
Cantine Monfort
Via Carlo Sette, 21 - 38015 Lavis (TN)
Tel. (0039) 0461 246353 -
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