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Museum of mining activities Calceranica al Lago   Details Forge Tognolli Borgo Valsugana   Details Museum - House of De Gasperi Pieve Tesino   Details Permanent exhibition of the First World War Borgo Valsugana   Details ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM OF WOOD Carzano   Details Museum Mulini (mills) dei Cainàri Castello Tesino   Details Per via - Tesino Museum of Prints and Street Vendors Pieve Tesino   Details Museum of the local music group Pergine Valsugana   Details Museum of the sharpener Cinte Tesino   Details Museum of Music Roncegno Terme   Details Vignola Mining Museum Vignola Falesina   Details Mineralogical Museum Palù del Fersina   Details Cold water archaeological area Palù del Fersina   Details Sawmill - Sog Van rindel Fierozzo   Details Museum of the agriculture tools and artesanal tools Pergine Valsugana   Details Lagorai Mines Park Altre località   Details Museum of the hydroelectric plant Pergine Valsugana   Details Museum of school Pergine Valsugana   Details Museum Spazio Klien Borgo Valsugana   Details Ethnographic Museum Telve di Sopra Telve di Sopra   Details Flora and Fauna Museum Castello Tesino   Details Museum of the habits and costumes of the people of Telve Telve   Details Sala Galvan Borgo Valsugana   Details Sant'Orsola sawmill Sant'Orsola Terme   Details Sky Museum Borgo Valsugana   Details Pietra Viva Museum Sant'Orsola Terme   Details Curbstone Museum Palù del Fersina   Details The mine of Erdemolo Palù del Fersina   Details Filzerhof Fierozzo   Details De Mil Frassilongo   Details Permanent exhibition of the Mòchena community - Klòffen exhibition Palù del Fersina   Details Museum of the Scarecrows Roncegno Terme   Details Casa Andriollo Museum: Soggetto Montagna Donna Borgo Valsugana   Details Wood Museum and the museum of contemporary art of wooden sculpture Castello Tesino   Details Canopa delle acque   Details
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