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Town: Borgo Valsugana

For the first time Arte Sella compares itself with the urban space of the town, giving life to a process of valorisation of the architectural and landscape qualities of the historic centre. 

The second phase of the project involved the artists Edoardo Tresoldi and Cédric Le Borgne, two authors already well known to the visitors of Arte Sella, who in recent years have created Symbiosis and The Invisible Woman respectively at the Malga Costa exhibition area.

Counterfaçade by Edoardo Tresoldi is a succession of volumes in metal mesh, four meters high, designed by Tresoldi for the "Casa della Comunità" in Borgo Valsugana. The installation reveals within it the decorative features of four Renaissance-inspired aedicules, conceived as an inverse expression of form. Usually thought of as an ornament of the building, the aedicules here become the antithesis of their function and, emptied of the material that composes them, prepare to welcome the changing succession of natural phenomena and celebrate the landscape. In Counterfaçade, the projecting tension of the installation contrasts with a pressure directed towards the interior of the architecture, which makes the façade a place of interlocking between anthropic action and the intervention of nature.

The Flying Man by Cédric Le Borgne is also made with wire mesh and is placed near the Venetian bridge, thus creating a visual continuity with the work of Edoardo Tresoldi and placing the observer's attention on the Brenta river and the relationship with the horizon of the mountains, framed by the profiles of the houses in the historic centre.

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