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The Ausugum boulevard and the Porticoes

Town: Borgo Valsugana
Formerly the Via Imperiale, the Corso Ausugum was the main street of the town of Borgo Valsugana.

On either side of the boulevard there are many buildings of value, late Renaissance and Baroque, the most significant of which are now marked by the presence of totems illustrating their main features; on the facade of some of these can be seen 16th-century frescoes representing mostly scenes related to the Virgin Mary with Child and Saints, which, according to tradition, were painted after the plague of 1508.

Characteristic of the village of Borgo are the wide porticoes, like those in some river towns in the Veneto region, which allow pleasant walks along the Brenta River.

In the part called "Lungo Brenta Trento" there has been an Exhibition Hall dedicated to Alcide De Gasperi since 1997.

Particular to the area along Brenta is the Venetian Bridge

The striking 15th-century bridge, crowned by two aedicules containing graffiti inspired by two precious 17th-century works by Jacopo Fiorentini (son of the better-known Lorenzo), a member of a local Bassanesque workshop, find their place in the two sections into which the porticoes are divided (Lungo Brenta Trieste and Lungo Brenta Trento). Borgo "Vecio": coming out of the porticoes, one finds oneself in the lovely Piazza Dante, from which one reaches, crossing the picturesque Via della Gora (so called because "la gora," the canal that fed the mills and stores of the town, used to flow there), the area called Borgo Vecchio, which is particularly interesting in that it is untouched by the modifications that affected the rest of the town in the twentieth century. Notable, the palaces on Via Battisti, mostly Gothic, interspersed with a few Renaissances and late Renaissance buildings; pretty is the Piazzetta del Teatro Vecchio, named after the old theater located here, now used as a private residence. Near the square a fortified gate placed to protect the town was once to be crowned. According to tradition, the closing of this, along with the other gate located near Ceschi Palace, during the plague that struck Valsugana between 1630 and 1634, saved the town from contagion. New public park "Alfredo Dall'Oglio Peace Park": the park is located in the area behind the archpriest's church. It is accessible from Temanza Street and Piazzetta Ceschi. Inside it houses a beautiful newly built fountain with mosaic pavement by Enrico Ferrari, created by Barbara Tamburini.

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