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St. Mary Church

Town: Borgo Valsugana

Leaving Piazza Martiri, through Via Brigata Venezia you reach the church of Santa Maria; already mentioned in documents dating back to the fourteenth century (the church has certainly earlier origins).

The current Baroque appearance is due to the work completed between 1714 and 1726. On the original facade was added in 1832 the prospectus of the church of the Beata Vergine del Carmine in Trento (suppressed at that time). To crown the niche above the portal was inserted a precious marble statue of the Madonna con Bambino, dating back to 1414, from a Venetian church.

The bell tower was erected between 1741 and 1760 on a project by the famous Venetian architect Tommaso Temanza, while the neo-Baroque spire, by Antonio Bassi, was added in 1816.

The interior of the church, with a single nave, was frescoed by Sigismondo Nardi (1903). The prestigious high altar is the work of Cristoforo Benedetti (1726), one of the most important sculptors from Trentino of the eighteenth century. In the first chapel on the right dedicated to St. Matthew, you can admire a superb altarpiece by the Venetian painter Giovanni Battista Pittoni, San Matteo and the Angel (post 1726), placed on a majestic eighteenth-century altar, and a precious Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew made by Johann Karl Loth (late seventeenth century), a leading exponent of the current of dark painters; Also interesting are the tombstone of Christopher IV Welsperg (1580) and Dorotea Firmian (1585), at the time jurists of the Lower Valsugana. In the second chapel on the right there is an interesting painting representing the five martyrs Sebastiano, Valentino, Stefano, Donato and Lucia (circa 1590), by Cesare Vecellio, a second-generation relative of Titian. The painting was painted at the top around 1735 by Antonio Cogorani.

In the church is concentrated the largest number of works so far attributed to the latter painter (5), all of high quality.


In the Chapel of San Prospero or del Carmine (the third on the right) is the urn containing the remains of San Prospero Martire, patron saint of Borgo (the festival is celebrated on the second Sunday of July), whose relics were transported here in 1678. In the chapel of the Rosary (third chapel on the left), there is a remarkable work representing La Madonna del Rosario e i Santi Caterina e Domenico (1615 – 1620 circa), recently attributed by Professor Fabris to the local painter Lorenzo Fiorentini.



The church can be visited every day from 8.30 to 11.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00. For information and guided tours contact the Municipal Public Library of Borgo Valsugana Tel: (0039) 0461 754052

Behind the church of Santa Maria is the current Polo Scolastico, also home to the Municipal Library. The building, built as a spinning mill (active until 1947) at the beginning of the nineteenth century, maintains the original external structure and the chimney.

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