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Val di Sella

Town: Borgo Valsugana
A bit of paradise in chlorphyll, a bit of "pinacoteca" en plein air, Sella enchants everybody who gets there.

More and more visitors belong to the group of people that are stimulated by emotions created by nature and art.
Every visitor of this "lucky valley" is attracted by the mix of elements that only a few places can offer: harmony of the space, the shapes, lights and colours.

This unique experiences create happiness and relaxation. Here you can enjoy a green valley, controlled by human hands and decorated with original and romantic buildings or the green freshness of the woods and unique plants and trees.Here you can hide behind trunks or experience the beautiful flora and fauna.

In the 19th Century Francesco Ambrosi praised the biological details of the valley and Vittoria De' Aganoor sung about the landscape and flowers "hin del cielo il riso"; Giovanni Segantini, a young painter, got inspiration for his next paintings and Alcide De Gasperi, father of Europe, found here his loved refuge.

Today the visitor can see along the path the exhibition "Arte Sella", made by special hands with natural products, which is another reason to visit this unique valley. You really can say "hic manebimus optime!"


Nature must be lived without damaging it, leaving behing beautiful memories, impressions and slight footprints.
This is the right way to enjoy nature and the silence of Val di Sella during the Winter. Make a tour with snowshoes.

How to reach Borgo Valsugana and Val di Sella

You get to Borgo Valsugana by the main road, SS47, through the valley or by train Trento-Venezia (it is situated about 35 km from Trento and 100 km from Padova).
From the centre of Borgo, take the street to Val di Sella and drive for 7 km

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