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The Rocchetta

Town: Borgo Valsugana
The Rocchetta is a small promontory slightly higher that 700m  situated to the South of Borgo Valsugana in Trentino. It has always had the natural function of a barrier situated in the middle of Valsugana along with Mount Ciolino and for this reason during the period of the war it wasn’t usesd as a battlefield, but as a natural look-out place for both the Italian and the Austrian side.  

The historical site of Rocchetta, open year long with free entry can be reached by car, by bike and by bus, in 5 minutes starting from Borgo Valsugana and following directions for Val di Sella and at the 4th km to the right for Vivaio San Giorgio, another route is by foot following the many paths and walkways, that have recently been restored and highlighted in different colors on the maps.

Organised tours are available for large groups or small groups or individuals or also as itineraries for schools 

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APT Valsugana - Ufficio di Borgo
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