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Castle Telvana

Town: Borgo Valsugana

The old castle Telvana has been towering over Borgo Valsugana for about 9 centuries now.
It can be reached through the Telvana staircase, that from Corso Ausugum leads to the S.s. Francis and Cristopher church.

Thanks to its strategic position, it has been an important military fort. The oldest part of the building is right next to the tower; the small internal curtains connect the cut-off bastions, which used to protect the baronet residence. 
The higher palace dates back to the Roman Empire, while the lower palace is gothic.

For many centuries it has been home to the Lords of Borgo and of the Telvana jurisdiction (from Novaledo until Strigno in Valsugana), after which the castle has been named, to stress their power. At the end of the XVIII century, after years of domination and oppression, the citizens of Borgo rose up and pillaged the castle, robbing even rocks from the walls and dooming the fortification to a gradual downfall.

The view of the external ramparts is amazing and looking the valley from the top of the Ciolino mountain, where the castle is, takes the breath away. An old tale says a secret tunnel connected the castle with convent and the ex St. Anna monastery.

The castle can not be visited internally but it still can be reached through a beautiful path called “Sentiero dei castelli – castles’ pathway” starting from Borgo city center.

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