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The mine of Erdemolo

The ‘De Gruab va Hardimbl' mine is located near the path leading to Lake Erdemolo. Through a guided tour it is possible to learn more about the life and hard work of the miners (Canopi – Knòppn) inside the mine, which was cultivated between 1400 and 1600.

During the visit it is possible to discover the different techniques, the tools used and the different minerals in which they were extracted. The senses of the spectator are however captured above all by the multiple veins present in the rock, by the dripping water and by the submerged part of the mine, making it an unmissable journey into the bowels of the earth.

The Gruab va Hardimbl can only be seen with guided tours for 12 people each tour. The mine is accessed through the use of raincoats and drawers made available by the museum.

How to reach the mine: from the parking in Loc. Fròtten continue towards Lake Erdemolo for about half an hour to forty minutes. Parking is subject to charges.

For those who want to park in a free area, you can leave the car in loc. Paoar which is located adjacent to the football field and under the square of Palù del Fersina. The walk takes another twenty minutes. The direction to follow is loc. Fròtten.


Hours of entry:

May and June

Saturday and Sunday


July and August

From Tuesday to Sunday



Saturday and Sunday





Starting at 10 am, a guided tour every 45 minutes.

By reservation for groups also on other days.



€ 8.00 full

€ 5.00 reduced for children between 6 and 12 years and over 65

€ 16.00 family ticket which includes two adults and children up to 12 years

€ 5.00 per person for groups of 20 or more people

€ 3.00 per person for scout or school groups

Informations and bookings:
Tel. (0039) 0461 550053

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