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Wood Museum and the museum of contemporary art of wooden sculpture

Town: Castello Tesino
Palazzo Gallo in Castello Tesino is an ancient building dated back at 600, which hosts:

  • The permanent exhibition of the equipment once used in the woods (Wood Museum), which is specialized on the topic of wood and the activities linked with the woods.
  • The new Museum of Contemporary Art of Wooden Sculpture (a permanent exhibition of wooden sculptures), is an unique exhibition of contemporary art entirely dedicated to wooden sculpture in Trentino and one of the rarest in Italy. The 19 exposed masterpieces have been chosen from the ones awarded during the various editions of the International  Sculpture Symposium “Luci e ombre del legno”, that yearly takes place at the end of July in the various villages of Tesino and in Bieno.  In one week, about 25 artists from all around the world (in 2015 artists from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Mexico were present) create various masterpieces in the main squares of Castello Tesino, Cinte Tesino, Pieve Tesino and Bieno, livening up the city centre and stimulating interest by the guests. 
Summer 2023
Guided tour at 3.30 pm every Wednesday from mid-June to the end of August

For further information:
Castello Tesino Library (0039) 0461 593232
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