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Palazzo Gallo

Town: Castello Tesino
It was an imposing 17th century building characterized by a beautiful portal and a frescoed facade. It was the old town hall. The palace was named after the Gallo family, who began producing flint for arquebuses here in the 17th century.

Despite various restoration and expansion measures, the original floor plan with a central staircase and symmetrical floor plan remains; On the ground floor, note the vaulted rooms.

In the rooms of the building it is possible to view a permanent exhibition on forestry use curated by the “Documentation Center for Forest Work” (Museum of Work in the Forest), which presents itself as an interesting journey through time on the subject of forest work, techniques and equipment required for wood collection; There is also a contemporary art exhibition dedicated to wooden sculpture, containing works from the various international sculptural symposiums awarded at the Tesino (modern wooden sculpture exhibition) since 2002.
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