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Valle del Tesino and Passo Brocon

Town: Castello Tesino
Even if the small “Terre Tesine” don’t take up even one thousandth of the Alpine Surface, they comprise all the distinguishing elements of the widest european ecosystem. Nature, culture, history, traditions and folklore are in fact, in a considerable and representative way to form extraordinary uniqueness and tipycalness, in a well-balanced symbiosis between natural and anthropical evironments.

To Mother Nature are attributable one hundred peaks topographically recognized, which are trimmed, at the foot and inside the numerous minor valleys, with vast alpine meadowlands and twenty million rare trees. Linked with imposing mountains, there are two dozen streams, thirty glacial tarns, biotopes and foamy waterfalls alternated by secret spaces, shadowy torrential gorges and by spectacular hypogeal formations.

To Man’s work are ascribable the little village of Bieno, four old town centres, a dozen hamlets, nearly seven hundreds mountain huts and about fifty ancient mountain pastures and also ruins of the great War. Excursions are suitable for everyone, modern high-altitude refuges, comfortable tourist resorts and equipment for the spare time. However, in each season of the year you should come and visit us because, as a popular saying, that was imparted by the Tesino’s itinerants from the Zar’s land, recite “it is better to see one time rather than hear a hundred times”.


Passo Brocon, that during summer is a point of departure for several hikes, becomes during winter the ideal destination for a ski holiday. It is equipped with a modern and appreciated ski station, with its sunny slopes perfectly snowy it is the ideal place for a ski holiday with the family. There is an exclusive area for snowboard lovers. The resort offers a well stocked equipment rental, Skilandia playground and ski instructors of the Italian Ski School Lagorai. On the Brocon-Pass on the circuit “7 Casare” it is also possibile to practise cross-country skiing. At the beginning of the circuit you can rent the equipment. More than snow Tesino mountains offer a wide range of activities for alpine skiers and hikers too.
It is on these mountains that Mirco Mezzanotte, alpine ski world champion original of Cinte Tesino, trains himself for competitions. In the map are indicated some tracks for alpine skiing from him recommended. It is noteworthy the famous alpine ski competition Lagorai Cima d’Asta.

How to get to Tesino

You can reach Tesino Plateau driving along 4 different roads. The main road is the one that from Valsugana state road n.47 near Strigno goes through Bieno and reach the plateau; the most suggestive, but also the hardest, is Murello road that starts from the state road near Grigno. Panoramic roads: the road that from Primiero Valley and passing through Passo Brocon leads to Tesino and the one that from Feltre area goes along Roa road.
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