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Parco Terme di Roncegno

Town: Roncegno Terme
There is not much information on the Roncegno park. Only in the guide published by Waiz there are some climatic notes and images of the small circular square with the rising fountain, of the Waiz and Baito villas, of the Grand Hotel des Bains, as well as a view of the park in a central position which shows how the area originally had a very natural appearance where the hand of man had intervened discreetly.

The advertising brochures highlight the presence of a lawn tennis facility in the position corresponding to the current court.

In other images and photographs from the period, two fountains which have currently disappeared appear: one in the square in front of the Grand Hotel and one in a central position between the two staircases that descend to the area below.

What is certain is that with its shady trees and the various walks that run through it make it ideal for relaxation in Roncegno Terme.
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