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Church of Marter

Town: Roncegno Terme
Erected in 1862 thanks a generous bequest of the Trogher brothers of Roncegno, it was consecrated in 1892 by placing the relics of SS. Benigno and Reparato in the main altar.

This church is dedicated to St. Margaret at the behest of the benefactor. It has a single nave with four side chapels, of which the first two, entering, have no altar, but two high shelves that support respectively the wooden statues of the Madonna, on the left, and of S. Barbara, on the right; the other two chapels, with identical red marble altars, are dedicated to S. Giuseppe and All’ Addolorata.

The decoration of the basin, the SS. Trinità e Gloria dei Santi, is the artwork of Delaiti, while on the sides of the presbytery are represented S. Pio X and S. Tarcisio, frescoes by Francesco Chiletto.

The bell tower, designed by the expert Ignazio Liberi, was built in 1873 - 1874.

The Archbishop of Trento, Monsignor Celestino Endrici, on March 6, 1905, elevated the church of Marter to an independent parish, detaching it from the parish church of Roncegno.

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