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The Tesino Arboreal Area

Town: Pieve Tesino
The Garden is a tribute to the statesman Degasperi and a symbol of united Europe; with its amphitheater shape it recalls Parliament and the classical theatre, places that educate citizens to participate. The ideal of a united and democratic Europe was in fact De Gasperi's great dream: a welcoming horizon, a space for democratic dialogue where we can live in peace. And this is what the Garden wants to symbolize with the variety of its species, in a composition that respects the uniqueness of each plant in the variety of shapes and colors.

The project also has a symbolic value for tomorrow. It is an element that connects local and global, a protected place but at the same time open to the world, in line with De Gasperi's thoughts. The Garden is an innovative idea because it evokes the ideal of the statesman and is a living image that proposes a synergy between human beings and nature.
It is not only a place to be admired for its beauty, but also an environment to be experienced, a theater of social and cultural events, a place of meditation.

The Tesino Arboretum

A route lasting about an hour that winds through groves, flowering meadows, peat bogs, natural environments rich in herbaceous, tree and shrub species; an ideal itinerary for both botany enthusiasts and visitors who wish to immerse themselves in nature.

The Tesino Arboretum offers a circular walk lasting about an hour and a half, accessible to all given the very slight difference in altitude (about 100 metres).

Through walkways and guided routes, complete with labels and information boards on the species present, you can admire both plants typical of mountain woods and trees and shrubs imported from abroad, such as Japanese maples, some Asian and aquatic plants as well as a orchard of "lost fruits".

A green area of inestimable value, suitable for spending a couple of hours in the open air.

The route starts from the Visitor Centre, where the car park is located.

We recommend clothing suitable for a day outdoors

The Tesino Arboretum can be visited all year round: in winter for a walk with snowshoes, in spring and summer to admire the blossoms, in autumn to enjoy the colors that color the various species of trees and plants.

Not to be missed: the noticeboards along the path displaying the texts of "Arboreto Selvatico" by the writer Mario Rigoni Stern, which combine nature with literature.

A tribute to Alcide De Gasperi and a symbol of united Europe: a particular work of art in nature next to the House Museum.

Accessible to everyone in any season
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