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Parco Terme di Levico

Town: Levico Terme
A real arboretum with beautiful and majestic plants, the Levico Spa Park is one of the symbols of the spa town, as well as the most important historical garden in Trentino

The park was created at the end of 1800 in conjunction with the works for the construction of the bathhouse and the Grand Hotel, which began in the autumn of 1898. Over 12 hectares of countryside were transformed into a park, which was designed and built by Giorgio Zill, a gardener of rank, who came specially from Nuremberg.

On 12 June 1900, the Archduke Eugene of Austria made a preview visit to the new spa with the Grand Hotel, the park, the villa for the management and the plant for bottling mineral waters, which were officially inaugurated on 16 June with a pompous and solemn ceremony in the presence of the highest authorities and illustrious guests from all over Europe.

The Park, open to the public all year round, occupies a favorable position for the growth of a large number of tree species, not only local, but also exotic. The lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo act as climate moderators, reducing temperature changes between day and night and between the seasons.

Among the numerous species present, we remember the giant sequoia (typical plant of North America), the magnolia (native to South America), the pine and cedar (Himalaya), fir trees (Canada) and splendid specimens of beech and acacia. There is no shortage of ornamental trees originating from China such as the Ginkgo Biloba, a species introduced to Europe in 1750, and the Thuia, a plant that grows spontaneously in the western regions of North America. There are also majestic specimens of lime trees, birches, oaks, wisteria plants (shrub native to eastern Asia), sweet fir (very common in North America), holly and maple.

Finally, there are species typical of the Alpine region such as the larch, the only conifer that loses its needles in winter after turning colors ranging from orange to yellow.

Since 2016, the Levico Terme Park has become part of the network of Great Italian Gardens (like Arte Sella): a great recognition for the attention of the public body towards areas of historical interest.

Events not to be missed in the park:
Ortinparco, event dedicated to vegetable gardens and plants - in spring
Living the Park, activity program of the Terme Park - in summer
The Christmas Markets of Levico Terme - in winter

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