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Grand Hotel Imperial

Town: Levico Terme
Grandiose hotel complex in refined Art Nouveau style which includes the spa on the ground floor.

It was designed by the German architect Stahn, built by the Trentino company Casimiro Tomasi under the technical responsibility of the engineer Oss. The works began on November 15, 1898 and ended in May 1900.

On 16 June of the same year there was the solemn inauguration ceremony, with great celebrations and special first-class trips specially organized from Berlin and Vienna for the illustrious guests who were welcomed by the band at the railway station and accompanied to their rooms at the Grand Hotels.

Cesare Battisti, in his "Levico Guide" of 1907, describes the large hotel as follows: "built specifically according to the dictates of the most refined comfort, the Grand Hotel is undoubtedly among the first establishments in Europe and rivals advantageously the most in vogue nowadays. Equipped with two electric lifts and steam heating, sumptuously lit by electric light, it has 70 very elegant bathroom cabins, as well as 100 rooms per accommodation and numerous rooms for every circumstance".

During the First World War it suffered some damage which was repaired in 1921. It experienced moments of authentic splendor with guests of high rank until the 1980s. After a period of decline, in the 1990s it was completely renovated strictly maintaining the original style in the non-expanded part .
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