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Fravort - Panarotta

Town: Levico Terme
The mountains Panarotta and Fravort overview Levico Terme. 

Panarotta is the western gateway to Lagorai: valleys, mountains, alpine small lakes, mountain huts, untouched nature surround you during high mountain trekking, MTB routes and free hand gliding. 

The mountain Fravort is renowned for the sources of thermal spas in Levico Terme, according to the legend of King Fravort:

“Mount Fravort was a happy father, respected by his three sons: Sidero (Iron), Cobalto (Arsenic) and Cupro (Copper) and his daughter Ocra (Ochre). They were good kids, well-educated, they decided to leave their paternal home and explore the world, to bring back new treasures, knowledge and joy for everybody. As soon as they were far, they were affected by the evilness of people, becoming masters of in performing evil activities. They brought about fights, wars, libels and hard feelings. The Lord decided to hit them with a lightning, so that even the memory of them could be cancelled. The Old Father Fravort implored the forgiveness for his kids and they were brought back to their home, imprisoned in the centre of the earth, to repent on their very sad past actions. Their tears seeped through the soil and reached the cave in Vetriolo, the Cave of Strong Water, where the source of the famous thermal water – rich in iron and arsenic - is located. The water can gift people who believe in its properties with health and joy. Ocra, the daughter, was imprisoned in areas deeper than where  her brothers were kept. Her tears are the source of the light mineral water. Even today, every night at midnight, King Fravort descends into the earth to visit his kids and brings news regarding the good effects of the water on those who believe in their properties".

During the winter the mountains Fravort and Panarotta create the ideal framework for snow-shoes excursions and alpine skiing, to have fun skiing in the ski resort Panarotta 2002: the wide ski fields are well-kept, the ski-lifts are well-connected and comfortable, the fields are always covered in snow, thanks the use of snow guns. The sunshine on the ski fields, the incomparable beauty of the view on the Dolomiti di Brenta (belonging to the chain of the Dolomites) and the surrounding mountains make Panarotta 2002 the ideal ski resort for a relaxing and pleasant holiday. The ski fields cover 15 km, with average and high degrees of difficulty and served by 6 ski lifts, carrying a total number of 5.000 people. The ski resort is particularly suitable for families with kids.

How to reach Panarotta

From Trento, take the A22 Modena-Brennero motorway exit Trento city centre, then follow the national way no. 47 towards Padova – Pergine Valsugana. You will reach Pergine Valsugana after 13 km, Levico Terme after 20 km, Roncegno after 32 km. You can also travel by bus and by train from Trento.  
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