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Fort of Pizzo or Cima Vezzena

Town: Levico Terme
This is an Austrian-Hungarian fort located in a strategic position on the Plateau of Vezzena about 1908 asl.
It was called "The Eye of the plateau" an its main purpose was to work as an observation point.

At the beginning of the war, in 1915, it was attacked by the alpine troopers of the “Bassano” battalion but the soldiers defending the Fort blocked them right away.
It has always been in the hand of the Austro-Hungarian troops and has been the starting point for the offensive attack in May-June 1916.
It was connected to all the nearby forts telephonically and visually.
In the last years, the Levico Terme municipality has renovated it and a panoramic terrace overlooking the valley (over a 1300 m vertical jump) has been shortly opened.

How to get here: by walk or by bike from Passo Vezzena to forte Verle, following the itinerary described here

Discover more: E. Acerbi, M. Maltauro, C. Gattera, A. Povolo, Guida ai forti italiani e austriaci degli altipiani – itinerari e storia, Gino Rossato editore, Valdagno 1995, pp. 113-115.
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