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Treasure hunt for children

This year your holidays with children in Trentino have the taste of adventure with the “Valsugana treasure hunts” itineraries: 9 short routes designed for kids enriched with small researches and questions to discover the history, nature and culture of the Valsugana valley.

Learning while having fun with a treasure hunt for children
Thanks to the “Valsugana treasure hunts” easy walks, kids and grown-up can learn about plants and animals of the woods walking among nature and find traces of ancient history tacking the roads of towns with the help of fun games ad quizzes.

Collect all the itineraries for children.

Valsugana treasure hunt - Borgo Valsugana
Valsugana treasure hunt- Caldonazzo
Valsugana treasure hunt - Castello Tesino
Valsugana treasure hunt - Levico Terme
Valsugana treasure hunt - Pergine Valsugana
Valsugana treasure hunt - Roncegno Terme
Valsugana treasure hunt - Telve - WWF Oasis in Valtrigona
Valsugana treasure hunt- Tenna
Valsugana treasure hunt- Torcegno

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Caccia al tesoro per bambini

Caccia al tesoro per bambini

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