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Respect the environment

Our mountain is not for everyone.

In order to get to know the mountain you have to respect it, take care of it, learn to observe it and listen to it. Like we do. We are all committed in the protection of the environment , in the respect of traditions and the shaping of future. The certification of sustainability as the first destination in the world has made us understand how necessary and fundamental it is to take care of nature and preserve the environment.

We also ask you to share this philosophy with small gestures, starting with bringing home paper and bags as well as helping us to "clean the forest" perhaps also collecting what others have left around or perhaps adopting a cow or contributing to replanting trees with the initiative "Wow Nature Project" which leads us to have a better understanding of forest management and allows us to recover what was lost during the Vaia storm of October 2018.

Let us be inspired by our woods and our nature and start living our everyday lives in a more intense and aware way, respecting the environment.
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