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The Crivellaro Family is pleased to welcome its guests.
We have always engaged in hospitality activities with great passion, and we wish to give our guests a familiar and relaxing atmosphere, suited to their mental and physical well being. We are always pleased to welcome you, and what makes us even happier is knowing that we are able to offer you excellent hotel facilities that also reflect a philosophy of life.
We pay particular attention to detail and have decorated our hotel with art-deco-style furnishings. We believe that your holidays should offer fun, relaxation and time for yourself.
If you need us, you can find us at any time of day
Dog friendly services
Dog Friendly Hospitality

This accommodation typology accepts dogs of small- (less than 10kg) or medium-size (between 10 and 25kg).
It makes bowls and hygienic bags available.

Other services
-room to have lunch/dinner with your dog
-free dog admission