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Ecomuseo del Lagorai - Val Calamento

Town: Telve
The Lagorai Ecomuseum covers a large and varied landscape of remarkable beauty: from the Ceggio and Maso streams to the peaks of the Sasso Rotto, from Mount Croce and Ziolera, passing through the picturesque chestnut woods with the monumental trees of Campestrini and the majestic heights of the Red Pinetrees in the Calamento valley, you can fi nally reach the extensive, highland meadows like “Pian dei Cavai” and numerous mountain farmsteads.

This is a synthesis of the Lagorai Ecomuseum territory, which offers an infi nite number of excursions, of walks through the sunny town centres of Carzano, Telve, Telve di Sopra and Torcegno, from which you can then reach the higher mountains, experiencing such jewels as the Valtrigona Oasis and the Ezze Lake. For lovers of fi shing, the area has a number of streams, which mark all of the southern side of the Lagorai chain.

Ancient and more recent historic landmarks characterize the towns located in the valley as well as the surrounding mountainous areas and they may also become the reason for a holiday dedicated to culture and ancient traditions.


Silence, nature, untouched landscapes. This is what the mountains of the Lagorai Ecomuseum offer in winter. The area that leads from Malga Valtrighetta to Malga Cagnon di Sopra is an extraordinary place for a snow shoe excursion o  for alpine skiing.

How to reach the Lagorai Ecomuseum territory

The Lagorai Ecomuseum stretches across the towns of Carzano, Telve, Telve di Sopra and Torcegno, easily reached from the SS 47 Valsugana or by train Trento-Venice. It is 40km from Trento and 100km from Padova. The nearest airports are “Catullo” in Verona and “Marco Polo” in Venice.
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