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Respect the mountain


We have been living in the mountain environment for many generations. We need to start to respect it and take care of its maintenance, often entrusted to groups of volunteers organized in sections of the SAT Trentino Alpinists Society who manage 765 km of trails here: over 190 hours of walks at your disposal, more than 25 days of walking for 8 hours a day: a world to discover!

A nature that captures the attention of speleologists for its caves and ravines that take you towards the centre of the earth. Some have been prepared to welcome families and let them enjoy a special experience. Some examples are the caves of Castel Tesino and of Calgeron

This area is also rich in mineral mines, like the ones of Argentario, dating back thousands of years, and the most recent like the mine of Calceranica which stayed active until 1964. Many mountain lovers are eager to recall how people used to live in the past and what they were willing to risk to live in the mountains and avoid migrating abroad to look for a job and a better life.

Mountain, music and art


Our mountains are covered with over 43.3 hectares of woods (more 433 million of square metres of trees) which purify waters, make them drinkable or unique, like the thermal waters of Vetriolo. In Vetriolo we find the highest European thermal waters and spring at 1,585 metres and then flow along the valley and reach the thermal plants which used to be popular already in the 19th century. 

A real luxury that we can still afford: do not miss the hundreds of fountains, springs and streams and their fresh and pure waters. 

Mountain water made the local population self-sufficient as far as the need of power is concerned: we produce more hydroelectric energy than what is used, thanks to the natural differences in altitude levels. The first hydroelectric power plant in Europe was built here in Serso, near Pergine, and it started producing power back in 1893. 

This water makes our mountains unique, thanks to the over 100 alpine lakes located at high altitudes and two in the valley bottom which were awarded the Blue Flag. They are among the warmest in Europe and you can bathe in their waters, and enjoy the public beaches protected by expert lifeguards or the private beaches which reduced the number of people who can access by 50% to guarantee the maximum level of safety. 

It is a "contemporary" mountain that becomes an open-air museum with Arte Sella which for more than 30 years has represented the place where art and culture blend with nature. Here we have the opportunity to live a unique experience where even distancing becomes natural considering that the museum and the exhibitions are immersed in the woods.

Here, the mountain becomes the stage for events: hence the concept of mountain as culture becomes even stronger. Following this idea we inaugurated "Lagorai d 'InCanto": we can listen to music or artists and their poems right in the middle of woods. Consistently we organized the so-called "Trekking con l'autore" (Treks with the author). They are hiking tours with small groups of people who have the opportunity to meet their favourite writers in a unique environment. 
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