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A new way to travel and organise your holiday in Valsugana

Waking up early in the morning and taking a walk in the woods before going to work?
Getting off work and diving into blue flag awarded lakes?
Work a little while the family is at the lake or in the mountains and then join them for fun together?

Why choose between work and vacation? 

In Valsugana you can do 'Workation', in other words, work while on holiday, or take a holiday while working (depending on your point of view).

Valsugana is a smart valley in many ways: it is the first sustainable destination in the world; it is a wide and diversified territory that offers holiday ideas of all kinds, from the lake to the mountains, from the outdoors to cultural activities linked to local traditions and history.

This inheritance and awareness of living in a wonderful and varied land has given rise to a new way of living and thinking about the place, which is so special that it wants to share it with guests from all over the world.

Valsugana is a smart valley because it offers the possibility of smart-working through a network of organised, convenient and dedicated co-working facilities for those who want to live or spend a holiday in this spectacular and breathtaking area. 

The Alta Valsugana Smart Valley Hub network offers

  • coworking spaces throughout the territory (conveniently reachable on foot, by bike and by car) equipped with fast Internet connection
  • workplaces,
  • relaxation and bistro areas
  • a network of professionals, remote workers, digital nomads to interact and interface with

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