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Adopt a tree and help the Asburgic Park!

Adopt a tree and help the Asburgic Park!

The Levico Spa Park in Levico, or the Asburgic Park, is one of the most magical areas of the town of Levico Terme.
The perfect place for a cooling and relaxing walk during the hot summer months or for a warm mulled wine, immersed in the unique atmosphere of the Christmas market.

The “Adopt a Tree” Project

The bad weather has sadly flayed the north-east part of Italy during the last days of October 2018, and Valsugana and Levico Terme have been heavily damaged.
The strong wind has pulled out and uprooted many trees like beeches and plane trees, eighty-years-old cedars and thujas, monumental firs and centenary pines.
A deep wound that the Consortium “Levico in Centro” together with the Servizio per il Sostegno Occupazionale e la Valorizzazione Ambientale and the Valsugana Tourist Board have immediately been trying to heal.
and so the “Adopt a Tree” project is born.

How to adopt a tree

With a € 10 donation it is possible to contribute to the replanting of the trees in the asburgic Park, choosing between the following species:
- Beech
- Tulip tree
- Maple
- Himalayan Cedar

How to donate

- In person at the Levico Terme Tourist Office (viale Vittorio Emanuele)
- At the Info Point in the Levico Terme Christmas market
- Using the online form
- Make a €10,00 deposit on the “Adotta un albero” bank account IT08H0817834940000018157920 (gentilmente offerto da Cassa Rurale Alta Valsugana)

Every donor will then get a thank you card and will receive updates on the project via e-mail.

“A tree is a treasure, a tree is life”
Adopt a tree and help the Asburgic Park!

More infos:
Valsugana Tourist Board - +39 0461 727700
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